28 Jan / 2017

Home Ventilation Myths

Home ventilation is an important aspect of your house if you appreciate clean and fresh air. But for the most part, most people know very little about home ventilation and have based their information more on myths and rumors as opposed to facts. Below are some common myths that have been mistaken for facts.

1. More Ventilation Is Good

Increasing the number of vents in your home does not always mean that it will increase the amount of fresh air in the room. In fact, you may be doing more harm than good because all these extra vents that you don’t need will be sources for windblown air, debris and snow during windy and cold months. If you have too many vents bringing in air, it may be hard for your home heating system to work well. Also, if you have insulation in your attic it will be affected by the constant air flowing in. Increasing the number of vents in your home will mean additional drilling and construction which may weaken the structure of your house.

2. There Is A Golden Number Of Vents Needed In One House

Some people believe that as long as they have ‘X’ number of vents, then their home is well ventilated. This is wrong for a number of reasons. One of them is that the size of your house determines the number of vents you need to have. The bigger the house, the more vents you may need and vice versa. Also, you will need to look at the size of the vents as well as the climate in which they are being used. All these factors work together to provide ventilation that differs from one house to another.

3. Vents Are Only Important During Summer

It does seem logical to think that there would be no need for ventilation during winter in order to preserve the heat that your home heating system is producing. One downside to this is if you keep the house too warm, there are some parts such as the attic that will be affected due to the formation of ice dams. If these dams form in your attic then you risk damaging your roof.

4. Any Company That Advertises Itself As A Ventilation System Installation Company Is Good Enough

Just because you may not know much about home ventilation systems does not mean you should seal the deal with the first company you come across. First reason is because not every company that says it’s an expert in home ventilation systems is actually an expert. Also, if you hire the first company you come across then you may miss out on finding a different company with cheaper rates. Shopping around first before you settle on any company gives you the opportunity to compare rates as well as services. Look for a company that has a money back guarantee or offers a warranty of sorts. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a ventilation system only for it to fall apart within the first month of use.