17 Nov / 2018

How To Fix A Pressure Washer That Won’t Start?

There are times that you take out your pressure washer for cleaning after a very long time. Now that your mind is all set to begin the cleaning task, it would be frustrating to see that your pressure washer does not start. It is even annoying when you do not see the water coming out of the spraying gun though you were able to start the pressure washer. Let see how to troubleshoot the pressure washer. Just visit website Mamaa to learn about top performing pressure washer models available in the market.

If your nozzle and the spraying gun are not working, check if the connecters and O-rings are intact. Examine their paths for any accumulation of dust particles that obstruct the water flow and clean them thoroughly with water. If the O-rings have got dirty or damaged it is better to replace them. Check the hose for any bends, dents, cuts and twists and replace it if you find any of these.

If the problem is with the engine then there are a few tips that you can follow to make it work. Check the position of the switch whether it is “on” or “off”. Never inspect the machine when the engine is on. After switching off the engine, run water through pressure washer to eliminate the air inside the hose. Check the air filter and clean it thoroughly if it is dirty or replace it if cleaning does not work. Check the oil level and change if required. Check the fuel tank and if it has fuel that has cross 30 days of storage, dispose it and fill it with fresh gas. Ensure the spark plug is connected to the wire. If you see smoke emanating from the engine check if the choke is on and turn it to off position.

Likewise, check the hose for any dents or cuts. Using the proper wand size is recommended when using any particular pressure washer. Pressure washers serve as a great maintenance tool and any malfunctions can be fixed easily. However, it is recommended that you check your pressure washers periodically to keep them in top shape.