16 May / 2017

How To Make Your Simple Apartment Look More Elegant

Are you living in a rental apartment? Do you love your place even though it looks like a drab? Are you looking for some great ways to help make your apartment look more elegant without spending too much? Read on. Even if you are only leasing your place, it does not have to look temporary. You can always accessorize your place by adding semipermanent designs. These can make your rental apartment look luxurious without spending thousands.

Roman Shades

Most renters use curtain panels, which can be easily purchased in home improvement stores near you. It is the most common selection among renters for their windows because they are pretty easy to install and remove in case you need to move. But there is one other option that you should consider, the roman shades. They offer a fashionable appeal that a typical curtain cannot provide. You might be concerned with the price, right? Fortunately, roman shades are available in affordable variations. You can choose between different styles like a simple white fabric shade or a classic women bamboo shade.

Picture Frames

A lot of apartment renters and homeowners disregard the differences that picture frames can bring to your place. You can also take it with you easily by the time you decide to move to a new home. If you spend enough time to find the pieces that you really like and set it properly with other complementary frames, you will see just how great they will look on your walls. You may also consider adding in a matching mat that suits them well. Picture frames are not only there to keep some of your most precious memories. They are also there make your place look high-end. You can also consider framing artworks or other pieces that would add some personality to your home.


Mirrors can add a touch of elegance to your apartment. Apart from that, they can also create the illusion that you home is bigger than it actually is. You can choose from various styles, shapes, and sizes. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find one that would suit your tastes. Beautiful mirrors do not have to be expensive. You can find elegant-looking ones at shop thrift stores, flea markets, and moving out sales.

Bathroom Accessories

Who doesn’t want to have a luxurious bathroom, right? The problem is that when you are renting an apartment, you would just have to make do with the bathroom that comes with the place. But that does not mean you cannot spruce it up with modish bathroom accessories like monogram towers.

Indoor Plants

Are you among the many apartment renters who have that one spot at home that lacks something but you just cannot put your finger on it? What you might probably need are indoor plants. Regardless of what kind of plant you wish to add in, it is one of the best and simplest ways to add color, scale, and height to your home. If you have no idea what looks best for your place, you can always check out design magazines or pictures online.

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